SHOP is UCSC's Student Health Outreach and Promotion Program and a destination for information. SHOP is where students can go to learn about health and wellness in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

SHOP offers information, education, resources and support on issues such as Alcohol and other Drug Use, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexual Health, and College Life balance. All UCSC students are welcome and encouraged to drop in and speak with SHOP's trained staff.

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  • 老王加速器2.2.11June 9, 2020Standing in Solidarity with UCSC's Black and African American Community
  • No text descriptionMarch 31, 2020NEW! SHOP Wellness Coaching
  • No text descriptionMarch 13, 2020Talk to SHOP Online or By Phone

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SHOP staff is working remotely right now. We're available online, by phone, or through email.

We now have FREE personal wellness coaching sessions!
FAX: (831) 459-3428

Free & Anonymous HIV Testing

SHOP Test Counselors

HIV Testing and the Condom Co-Op are temporarily closed. If you have questions about sexual health, drug & alcohol use, or general wellness, then check out our free personal wellness coaching service!

SHOP Staff 老王2.2.11最新版

Meg Kobe, Director, she/her, they/them
(831) 459-3772

Jorge Bru, Alcohol & Other Drug Educator, they/them
(831) 459-1417

Ali Hayes, M.P.H., Senior Health Educator, she/her, they/them
(831) 459-2625

Amber Parker, Health Educator, she/her, they/them 
(831) 502-7217


SHOP Office Student Staff:
Zach Fabrick, Katie White, Jessica Porter

SHOP Student 老王永久佛系


Seeyade Gizachew
CUIP Education Coordinator

Nitin Vidyasagar
CUIP HIV Peer Test Counseling Coordinator

Anna Maria Camardo
CUIP Party Safe Program Coordinator

Camilla Luker
CUIP Condom Co-Op Coordinator

Ryan Hardin
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